Free Youtube downloader for Android DOWNLOAD APK

YouTube’s very own app has a nifty little feature hidden in it that allows users to save videos and to watch them later, even with no internet. The application downloads content from the global servers and saves it on the device, making it available for on-demand viewing, as many times as the user wants to.

Interested to Know How?

Here is a quick guide on how you can download a YouTube video on your Android phone, legally.

The Latest Official App

This feature is available with the latest version of the YouTube app, so make sure you have it.

Select The File to Download

After you have updated your app, head over to your favorite video and select options or the ‘three dots’ menu button placed on the right. From the list of options that appear, select ‘Download’.


Here we are downloading a popular video by Hang Massive, as an example. You are free to download any video as you may like. However, there are certain videos that have restrictions for offline use. This method will not work for those videos, specifically.

Choose the Resolution

You are free to download files in the highest available resolution. However, the better the resolution, the bigger the file size. And remember, all these files will be saved on to your device so make sure you have ample storage.